Teaching and Academic Staff

Our Family

Parents choose a Redan Private School because we offer academic, social and personal success for every student. Through opportunities to learn from the best, experiences beyond the ordinary, and the encouragement to achieve more than what they thought possible, we help our students succeed anywhere through our unique global educational offer. We do all this by investing in our people, our schools, and above all, our students.

Teaching and Academic Staff

Our teaching and academic staff deliver excitement and wonder in education for your child through their inspiring approach to teaching. We prepare your child for success in the classroom, at university and in their career.

Our Administrative Staff

Meet our Principal and Admin Team


Ali Borau Al-Kady

Head Of Redan Private School


Baha Eddine Hucine

Deputy Head of Redan Private School

Esmahan Abd-Alkader Al-Ghassania

Director of Personnel


Amani Shahata

Social Advisor


Lobna Zayed Al-Ghafri

Data Entry Clerk


Adla Mohamed Al-ketheeri

Administrative Coordinator


Mohamed Mahmoud Al-Ajnaf

School Nurse


Mohanned Arafa Habrass


Teaching Staff

Our teachers are at the heart of what we do. They are part o a global family that is Committed to inspiring students, learning from each other, and developing the latest approaches to education.

Arabic Teachers

Hatem Abd-Alfattah

Arabic Senior Teacher

Abir Fath-Allah

Arabic Teacher


Afef Izzat Abd-Alaziz

Arabic Teacher

Karima Mohamed Khdheeri

Arabic Teacher

Jaber Ahmed shams

Arabic Teacher


Adel Alhadi Ryahi

Arabic Teacher


Soumaya Radhi Jouda

Arabic Teacher


Wafaa Saad Mohamed

Arabic Teacher

Mahmoud Ismaeel

Arabic Teacher


Jalal Fathi Sayed

Arabic Teacher

Science Teachers

Mostafa Mohamed Al-Jazzar

Biology Senior Teacher


Ali Abd-ALhameed Al-Ashwal

Biology Teacher

Mohamed Nabil

Teacher of physics

Jaber Sayed Atito

Science Teacher

Ahmed Adel Ibrahim

Chemistry Teacher


Saedah Salem Abdullah

Science Teacher

Hatem Ahmed Mohamed

Science Teacher

Nizar Hammouda Gouider


Nizar Hammouda Gouider

Teacher of Physics

Hiba Mahmood Gaber

Chemistry Teacher

English Teachers

Rabab Mohamed Hilal

Senior Teacher of English Language

English Language Staff

Nozha Hamouda Gouider

English Teacher

Tarek Sultan Zwidi

English Teacher

Manar Mostafa Mahmoud

English Teacher

Mohamed Ahmed Rokabi

English Teacher

Abd-Alrouf Youssef

English Teacher

Monia Al-Hadi Ali

English Teacher

Najah Said Yousef

English Teacher

Omnia Abdo Afifi

English Teacher

Youniss Mohamed

English Teacher

Math Teachers

Mohamed Misbah Abd-Alaal

Math Senior Teacher


Mosaad Bindary Azzam

Math Teacher


Mohamed Nasser Elsaid

Math Teacher


Nasser Badri Abd-Alhakim

Math Teacher

Ahmed Abd-Alhameed

Math Teacher

Mohamed Essayed Mohamed

Math Teacher

Social Studies Teachers

Bahaa Eddina Hucine

Social Studies Senior Teacher

Houda Ramadhan Fayed

Social Studies Teacher

Lamia Ali LAtif

Social Studies Teacher

Jihan Amal Mohamed

Social Studies Teacher

Sabri Mohamed Abd-Assalam

Social Studies Teacher

Islamic Education Teachers

Waheeda Ahmed Zaki

Islamic Education Teacher

samia med abdelfattah

Samia Mohamed Abd-Alfattah

Islamic Education Teacher


Alaa Ramadhan Solaiman

Islamic Education Teacher


Ihab Essayed Hafedh

Islamic Education Teacher

Ali Majdi Hassan

Islamic Education Teacher

Ameer Hayder Ahmed

Islamic Education Teacher

Mohamed Nasser Mahfoudh

Islamic Education Teacher

P.E Teachers

Hussein Abd-Albaki Gaweesh

P.E Senior Teacher

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” – Tim Notke


Chadli Mohamed Ahmed

P.E Teacher

Music Teachers

Music ON World OFF


Mohamed Sayed Abbass

Music Teacher

Computer Teachers


Lina Abu-Assaoud

Computer Teacher


Rimen Ali Selmi

Computer Teacher

Arts and life Skills Teachers

Hiba Assafi Ahmed

Art Teacher

Majda mohamed salih

life SkillsTeacher