Preparing for their Future

Dear SCHOOL: thanks for all the lessons.
Dear FUTURE: I am ready now.

At Redan Private School, we are committed to the development of your child’s mind, human relationships and place within the community and the wider world.

We aim to educate all of our students to become:

  • Life-long learners who are principled and empathetic.
  • Tolerant And Sensitive Members Of The School And Wider Community
  • Responsible, Knowledgeable And Adaptable Citizens.

This is what sets us apart from others. Our High Quality Learning approach combines a first class curriculum with extra curricular activities that ensures our students are prepared not just for academic excellence, but also with an inquiring mind, a thirst for learning and critical thought and social confidence.

Older students are supported in their application and admission to the world’s leading universities. They go on to become successful in every walk of life from arts and culture, to sport, to business and politics. Our role is to set them on that path to success. Our approach, dedicated staff, excellent peer group and top facilities provide the perfect ingredients to create a successful and thriving future.