Our Students

Our student body is currently made up of over 700 of Omani students and many other different nationalities, with that we are building in our school a really boasting and unique cultural experience.

We in this stage, must admit that we are intentionally thinking about how to bring out the best in our students is a very powerful and energizing thought to us – it has stirred up our affective side and has caused us to see yet another aspect of teaching and learning that we really can actively work on, because at the end of the day, we want our students to be life-touching teachers in almost all the fields.

Education System in our school

Basic Education(cycle 1)

The first 6 years of basic education are similar in concept to western primary school. The aim of the stage is to create a unified system covering the first ten years of schooling. Basic Education is organized into two cycles: the first cycle covers grades 1 to 6 and the second cycle covers grades 7 to 9 .

Basic Education(cycle 2)

Cycle 2 (Grades 5 – 10): In this phase the students will be able enough to go through the third and last cycle in being in the postBasic education. Those who complete and pass the second cycle are promoted to two years of study which prepares them to sit for general education certificate.

Post-Basic Education

Depending on the student’s records during the previous period, he is now able to have the option of specializing in either the sciences or the arts, provided that their basic school results confirm their aptitude. Both programs result in the award of a secondary school leaving either Bilingual or Monolingual General Certificate.