Our Mission and Our Vision

We are committed to providing an inspiring environment for our students and to continue our dedication to excellence. 

In a world in which people are more mobile than ever, parents want an international school that can equip their children with the learning, enthusiasm and skills needed to embrace any opportunity that comes their way. Our school combines a commitment to high standards of education, with a desire to develop a student’s character, confidence and world view.

Our Story

We’ve come a long way in a short time. Our first year of schooling we had only around 42 students and seven members of staff. By the end of the first academic year, student numbers had doubled. We then after a couple of years opened up our secondary section, and served our growing school community from a larger campus.

Our premium School is recognized in Oman for its dedication to education, and its work with students in international schools around the country. We are now part of a local family of many other private schools, providing outstanding education to over 900 students from Grade Five through to the end of secondary education.

In 2014 we moved in our brand new purpose-built campus in Auqued, Salalah.

As we continue to grow, we are committed to maintaining this positive culture and community that everyone has worked so hard to build and our focus will always remain on the child.

Our vision

Our students are nurtured to become enthusiastic learners with principles and empathy. They are taught to become adaptable, responsible, tolerant and sensitive citizens, comfortable both as leaders and as part of a team. We work with school staff and local enterprises to establish an extensive range of after-school clubs, both on campus and in the community itself.

Our curriculum is driven by our unique High Quality Learning approach, which ensures that every student becomes a high achiever. We also strive to nurture students who understand and respect different cultures.

We believe that you as a parent should also have the chance to influence the development of the curriculum and the school through individual feedback and parent groups. Regular communication with parents is therefore particularly important to us and your child.

Teachers are encouraged to maintain the highest standards of education, and to work with their peers in our school and across the administration family to develop innovative new ways of achieving high-quality results.

We are proud to provide the most advanced holistic and individualised learning environment. This gives students the opportunity to experience education well beyond the acquisition of knowledge; to nurture a profound understanding of our world’s interconnectedness while enabling excellent academic results.


Care deeply about your work and everything you do, paying attention to every detail.

Respect your environment and the responsibilities that come with privilege.

Exceed expectations and trust in your ability to surpass goals through commitment and hard work.

Delight those around you with empathy and a positive, helpful attitude. 

Explore our magnificent world and its interconnectedness, never cease to ask questions.