Our Fees

Expenses of the School Year 2020-2021

Here are the the School Expenses for Bilingual and Monolingual Curriculum from KG1 to Grade 4 students.
Student's GrdaeMonolingualBilingual
Kindergarten and preprimary510 OMR650 OMR
Grade 1660 OMR810 OMR
Grade 2670 OMR810 OMR
Grade 3680 OMR860 OMR
Grade 4690 OMR860 OMR

Expenses Of the School Year 2020-2021

The following are The expenses of the school year 2020-2021 for students from grade 5 onward.
Student's GradeMonolingual Bilingual
Grade 5760 OMR990 OMR
Grade 6760 OMR990 OMR
Grade 7 830 OMR1010 OMR
Grade 8830 OMR1010 OMR
Grade 9890 OMR1010 OMR
Grade 10890 OMR1010 OMR
Grade 111210 OMR1200 OMR
Grade 121270 OMR1260 OMR

Transport Fees

Place of AccomodationPrice
North of Al-Auqadin110 OMR
Southern Auqad110 OMR
Al-Wadi120 OMR
Al-Motazza120 OMR
New Salalah130 OMR
Eastern Salalah150 OMR
Western Salalah130 OMR
Al-Haffa210 OMR
Dahareez210 OMR
Al-Kardh210 OMR
Assaada240 OMR