Beyond the classroom, your child will explore the wonders of the arts and the thrill of sport, learning to be creative, collaborative and to become a leader.

Our students are all given the opportunity to explore their passions and abilities whether they are in sports, languages, technology, drama, music or art. Our clubs change regularly to allow children to try a number of activities during the school year and are intended to keep children active, interested and challenged. Some examples of our clubs include: Science Club,English Club, maths challenge,film & media,football tournaments, arts & crafts,and Drama Club. In addition we can facilitate for private music and language lessons.

Extra-curricular activities help children to develop confidence, socialize with others and learn self-discipline. Our staff offer many of the clubs.  


In addition to a full and rigorous program of physical activity as part of the curriculum, sport is a key component of the extra-curricular provision. We have a wide-ranging programme of sports and physical activity, so every child can find something to enjoy. At our school we aim to provide a very high standard of coaching and competition for the best sportsmen while enabling everybody to find something they can enjoy. Students can participate in sports every day if they wish, and for the enthusiast there are outstanding opportunities to compete and excel.

Physical education and recreational activities are an important part of school life.

Music, Arts and Drama

We encourage our students to appreciate others’ music and to make their own. Our students study music throughout their secondary school life and are taught by specialist music teachers who deliver a whole curriculum. 

The performing Arts play a vital role in the life of the school. Art plays a huge role in the curriculum, and we proudly display a range of art and crafts created by our students in the school.